I'm a 37 year old Pakeha male from Christchurch, New Zealand who now lives near the English town of Exeter, doing odd jobs and looking after Enid & Small.

I use to help with the Canterbury Film Society, did some writing and editing for small press section of Comics Bulletin, (now archived on this site) as well as writing and drawing my own comic; Mopy.

A trip to my storage unit while preparing for the move inspired a couple of additions to the site: There's a page detailing the Callen novels, and a smaller page for Richard S. McEnroe's novels. The Kiwi TV pages continue to develop, and of course there are the monthly updates regarding Jonah Hex comics and the occasional bit of Keith Giffen News. Currently I'm a stay at home date, employed part-time by the local University, and do the ocassional other website related work.

I've also put a few ads on the site to see what measure of income they produce - I doubt it will be more than a few dollars a month but it's interesting to see how they work. Feel free to send feedback if you have a view on this sort of thing.