Jonah Hex: No Way Back

To celebrate the release of the feature film DC simultaneously realeased an original Jonah Hex graphic novel, created by writing team of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti paired with legendary Hex artist Tony DeZuniga.
"Jonah Hex has a brother," Gray revealed. "That's the idea that came up decades earlier in discussions between writer John Albano and Tony DeZuniga. Tony casually mentioned this to us and that idea has been brought to life in the hardcover. Bold, brazen violent and surprisingly tender, this is the consummate tale of the Wild West's greatest bounty hunter."
"This is the first all original Jonah Hex graphic novel and a dream project for us," Palmiotti said. "Jonah is one of the coolest and most unique characters we have ever had the pleasure to work on. He's an icon for all ages and his untamed manner appeals, on a visceral gut level, to just about everyone who reads it. In this, Hex's first original graphic novel, we unleash the beast like you have never seen before."

cover by Tony DeZunigaDiscover how Jonah Hex's rough family life transformed him into the justice-thirsty vigilante he became. Legendary Hex artist Tony DeZuniga returned to illustrate an archetypal epic written by the HEX team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. This heartbreaking, brutal original graphic novel is set against the unforgiving landscape of the Wild West and delves into Hex's painful past, revealing how his difficult upbringing made him that era's most feared bounty hunter. Along the way, Hex must come to terms with the death of a loved one, long thought lost, battle El Papagayo and his gang of bandits, and attempt to make peace with his own past.
May 2009 | 136pp | Hardcover | $19.99.