Comic Book Artist #6 ()
comic_book_artist_09.png - 72.6 KBCover Appearance and a few mentions in an interviewwith artist Frank Brunner regarding his Marvel work.

Rue Morgue #114 ()
Rue Morgue coverThere is an article on Man-Thing in this canadian based horror genre magazine.Classic Cut: Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway's Man-Thing (1971) Sneak Peek

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Back Issue#6 ()
Backissue #6 cover Backissue #6 detailthe Halloween issue includes GREATEST STORIES NEVER TOLD: 'Swamp Thing and Man-Thing: Who the Muck Came First?' has interviews and art by Wein, Wrightson, GERRY CONWAY, ROY THOMAS, VAL MAYERICK, and JOHN BYRNE! Other muck monster content includes Swamp Thing creators LEN WEIN and BERNIE WRIGHTSON who discuss the character's roots, while STEVE BISSETTE and RICK VEITCH spill their guts over their 1980s work on the series, with arty Wrightson and Bissette!
(100 pages, $5.95),
shipped 15 September 2004.
The 100 page, saddle-stitched 8-1/2" x 11" magazine with a full color cover and black-and-white interiors retails for $5.95 in the U.S.
A well researched and designed publication, this issue has some useful information and a couple of rare images concerning the genesis of Man-Thing. This is an important reference for Man-Thing fans, but with only four pages of Man-Thing content those of you who aren't interested in the longer articles and interviews regarding Swamp-Thing and other 70s and 80s horror comics might want to have a flick through before deciding whether to buy.

Modern Masters Volume Four: Kevin Nowlan ()
Modern Masters coverThe Modern Masters series continues its look into the lives and work of today's top comic-book artists, this time spotlighting Kevin Nowlan! Nowlan is an artist's artist, highly respected not only by his fans, but by his peers. Cover artist, penciller, inker, letterer, colorist, even writer, he has done it all, and done it masterfully. Kevin's work on comic-book icons Batman and Superman ranks among the best in those characters' rich histories! His humorous 'Jack B. Quick' feature-co-created with industry legend, Alan Moore, not only allowed him to explore his Mid-Western roots, but won him an Eisner Award along the way! This volume features an in-depth interview with Nowlan, fully illustrated with rare and never-before published artwork, as well as a gallery section of sketches and finished pieces. It's the ultimate look at a true Modern Master: Kevin Nowlan!
128 pages (plus cover) Trade paperback

Includes several pages of Nowlan's painted artwork for the then incomplete Man-Thing graphic novel, as well as some sketches

Fangoria#242 ()
Fangoria 242 coverThis issue included a five page interview with script writer Hans Rodionoff about the Man-Thing film.

Alter Ego #62 ()
Alter Ego #62 coverA HAPPY HAUNTED HALLOWEEN Issue, spotlighting Werewolves & Man-Things That Go Bump In The Night and The Stuff On ACG We Couldn't Shoehorn Into #61! Featuring: A never-before-published Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing cover by MIKE PLOOG! Interviews with MIKE PLOOG & RUDY PALAIS about their horror-comics work, conducted by ROY THOMAS & JIM AMASH! Edited by ROY THOMAS.
100 pages
Twomorrows publishing

Alter Ego #73 ()
Alter Ego #73 coveredited by Roy Thomas
Another year, another ALTER EGO celebration of Halloween which this year includes Roy Thomas' 1971 synopsis for the origin of Marvel's Man-Thing. The 100 page (plus cover), saddle-stitched 8 1/2" x 11" magazine with a full color cover and black-and-white interiors retails for $6.95 in the U.S.
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Swampmen: Muck Monsters of the Comics ()
Swampmen: Muck Monsters of the ComicsSwampmen: Muck Monsters of the Comics Here's what the publishers had to say in initial solicitaions:
Rising from the ooze and mire comes the definitive tome detailing the macabre history of those weird and wondrous swamp creatures of American comics, Swampmen: Muck-Monsters of the Comics! Through interviews with authors Jon B. Cooke and George Khoury (editors of the Eisner Award-winning Comic Book Artist magazine), the writers and artists who worked on this peculiar sub-genre of horror comics recall the creation (or re-animation!) and "lives" of such unforgettable characters as Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, It, the Bog Beast, Marvin the Dead Thing, the Swamp Lurker, and others, including the shambling thing who started it all back in the 1940s, The Heap! Included are essays on their real-life and mythical precursors; their presence in pop culture via movies, television and toys; and a look at why readers of the '70s seemed to have an insatiable appetite for the muck monsters. Profusely illustrated with rarely-seen and never-before-published artwork (including pages from the unfinished '80s graphic novel by Swamp Thing creators Bernie Wrightson and Len Wein, on the character's "roots", and much more), we spotlight the exploits of the DC and Marvel monsters, the aforementioned Swampy and Man-Thing with exhaustive discussions with those beasts' most renowned artists and writers, including Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, Steve Gerber, Mike Ploog, Rick Veitch, John Totleben, Val Mayerik, and many more. If you're a fan of horror or an aficionado of comics, this is the book for you!
ISBN: 1893905470
Format: Paperback, 200pp

Publisher: Twomorrows Publishing

In the October 2008 issue of Altr Ego(# 81, p20) John B Cooke announced his renewed determination to get this book published, though last we heard this book has sunk into the swamp never to return. Eric from Twomorrows told me:
Yes, the book is being cancelled. It has been solicited twice and not been delivered as promised, so we will not be resoliciting. Some of the material intended for the book may end up in our other publications, but that has yet to be determined.
Further details came out from one of the authors involved, George Khoury:
For the last three to four years, Jon (B. Cooke) has been late on all of his projects, but he's always finished them. John Morrow agreed to give him another chance on Swampmen for May 30th deadline and solicited the book for July. The deadline came and went; there were no answers to any of the messages via e-mails or phone calls. The point was to get it out for convention season to give the book the best chance at the summer convention season -- that's long gone. Wisely, John Morrow has cancelled the book. I doubt that after having been burnt twice soliciting the book in Previews that he'll take another chance on it.
George added that he would be using the interview material he did for the book in other projects.
The failure of this book is a shame, as this would have been an essential buy for any Man-Thing fans, a lengthy study of the whole field of muck monsters in comics. Steve Gerber has stated that the interview conducted with him is *very* long, so we can only hope it appears in another form in the near future.

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Alter Ego #81 ()
Alter Ego #81 coverEdited by Roy Thomas.
The ever-haunted Halloween issue! Behind a new FRANK BRUNNER Man-Thing cover: RICHARD ARNDT throws a spooky spotlight on the late-'60s black-&-white horror comic Web of Horror, that featured early work by BRUNNER, BERNIE WRIGHTSON, JEFFREY JONES, BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH, WALTER SIMONSON, DAVE COCKRUM, HOWARD CHAYKIN-plus an interview with WOH editor (and sf writer) TERRY BISSON! An amazing interview by JIM AMASH with comics & fine artist EVERETT RAYMOND KINTSLER! ROY THOMAS' 1971 origin synopsis for the first Man-Thing story! More of BOB ROZAKIS on "The Secret History of All-American Comics, Inc."-MICHAEL T. GILBERT on BOB POWELL's art for The Shadow-plus FCA, Comic Fandom Archive-and more!

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Modern Masters #19 ()
Modern Masters coverby Roger Ash and Eric Nolen-Weathington
Mike Ploog In the 1970s, horror comics were huge-and no one drew werewolves, swamp creatures, and demonic motorcyclists better than Mike Ploog! Though already well established in the fields of magazine illustration and animation, Ploog endeared himself to comics fans with his creepy yet beautiful artwork on such titles as Werewolf by Night, Ghost Rider, and Man-Thing. After an all too brief stint at Marvel Comics, Ploog returned to the world of animation and film, working on such classics as Ghostbusters, Ralph Bakshi's animated The Lord of the Rings, Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth. Now he's back in comics with the children's fantasies Abadazad and The Stardust Kid, as well as The Spirit, and proving he still has the chops. Roger Ash and Eric Nolen-Weathington proudly present a true Modern Master: Mike Ploog! This book features a career-spanning interview and discussion of the artist's creative process, complete with both rare and unseen art, including an enormous gallery of commissioned work, and an 8-page color section!
120 page Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-605490-07-6
ISBN-10: 1-605490-07-5

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Back Issue #31 ()
cover by Frank Brunnercover painting by Frank Brunner
This salutes the comics and animation career of the late, great, and ground-breaking writer STEVE GERBER, beginning with an in-depth look at his most famous creation, Howard the Duck. Also: "Gerber's Gruesomes" (Marvel horror series such as Man-Thing), Omega the Unknown, "Gerber in the Marvel Universe" (offbeat superhero work, from Defenders to Foolkiller), Crazy! Magazine, Metal Men, Mister Miracle, The Phantom Zone, Sludge, Nevada, Hard Time, and the animated television favorite Thundarr the Barbarian. Plus: An all-star lineup of comics and cartoon creators pay tribute to Steve Gerber. Featuring art by and commentary from Frank Brunner, Rich Buckler, Gene Colan, Michael Golden, Stan Lee, Paul Levitz, Pablo Marcos, Val Mayerik, Jim Mooney, Martin Pasko, Mike Ploog, Dave Simons, Roger Slifer, Walt Simonson, Ron Wilson, and many, many others. And Howard the Duck turns barbarian in a cover painting by Frank Brunner! Edited by Michael Eury.
100 pages

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Comic Book Creator #6 ()
Comic Book Creator #6 coverEdited by Jon B. Cooke
Swampmen: Muck-Monsters of the Comics
Those of us who regretted that the Swampmen: Muck Monsters of the Comics book never made it to press will be heartened to see that its cover and some content has been resurrected for this double-size CBC Annual examining those creepy man-critters that crawled out of the bayou back in the 1970s, through the memories of the artists and writers who created them! A fairly exhaustive line-up of interviews discuss Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, The Heap, Lurker of the Swamp, It, Bog Beast, and even Marvin the Dead Thing: Bernie Wrightson, Alan Moore, Mike Ploog, Len Wein, Frank Brunner, Steve Gerber, Stephen R. Bissette, Rick Veitch, Gerry Conway, Val Mayerik, Joe Orlando, Marty Pasko, Jim Mooney, John Totleben, Tom Yeates, Karen Berger, Jesse Santos, Michael Uslan, Michael W. Kaluta, Louise Simonson, Roy Thomas, and the remembrances of many others. Behind the Frank Cho cover, there's also these stories:
  • It Started with 'It': The Theodore Sturgeon Connection
  • The Romance of 'Swamp Thing': Heartbreak Inside the House of Secrets
  • With the Helping of the Heap: Alan Moore's Anatomy Lesson
  • Jesus is Not Alright with DC: Rick Veitch and Cancelled Comics of Calvary
  • The Lost Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing Graphic Novel

Over ten years in the making, this stands as the definitive look at the horror comics sub-genre, so jump into the muck 'n' mire for CBC's scintillatingly sinister sixthish!
ISBN-13: 978-1-60549-057-1
ISBN-10: 1-60549-057-1.
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code:MAY141629 (Check out the FREE preview)
$21.95 cover price
192-page trade paperback with COLOR

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Back Issue! 124 ()

back_issue_124.jpg - 16.6 KB Horrific Heroes shamble forth in Back Issue #124! Bronze Age histories of Man-Thing, the Demon, and the Creeper, Atlas/Seaboard's horrifying heroes, and Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) rides again! Featuring the work of Chris Claremont, Gerry Conway, Ernie Colon, Michael Golden, Jack Kirby, Mike Ploog, Javier Saltares, Mark Texiera, and more. Man-Thing cover by Rudy Nebres. Edited by Michael Eury. - $9.95, 84 FULL-COLOR pages Order online