Children's TV show made in Dunedin (approximately 1969).

Produced by Murray Hutchinson, choreographed by Alex Gilchrist and music director was Flora Edwards.

It was a musical program (with both singing and dancing). The show was based around Carrot Top's song book as the name suggested. Carrot Top was a puppet and, if my memory serves me right, his voice was that of Gene Packwood. The show featured children, both singers and dancers, from Dunedin. Each week had a theme - e.g. songs about the weather, ocean/sea, witches and spooks and so on. I can't really recall how long the show went for but have a feeling it was about 26 weeks. Actually, I was one of the singers and did a number of solos. It was an amazing experience for a 12 year old.

Thanks to Cath for the details.

Bridget and Liz have a podcast called Dude, guess what? about being Kiwi's in the US. In one episode they talk to their mum who grew up in New Zealand and took part in "Carrot Top's Songbook".

In April 2024 staff at the Hocken library advised they hold some audio recordings from the show on reel-to-reel tape and were in the process of having them digitised. Once completed they plan to be able to supply digital copies of the tapes for a fee.

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