A fact based drama about a young Māori woman who runs into trouble with the police and is befriended by a social worker who teaches her how to defend herself against an unfair police prosecution

Director: Keith Hunter
Producer: William Grieve
Producer: Keith Hunter
Writers: Toa Fraser
Writers: Keith Hunter
1 St Assistant Director: Terri Kilmartin
Production Design: Miro Harre
Production Manager: Anne Nicolle
Production Coordinator: Jacinta Gibson
Production Assistant: Glenda Paterson
Dop: Allen Guilford
Camera: Murray Milne
Stills Photographer: Jacqui Gillies
Editor: Tim Woodhouse
Online Editor: Scott Adams
Sound: Chris Burt
Sound Recordist: Dave Madigan
Ariana: Mamaengaroa Kerr-Bell
Fred: Taungaroa Emile
Joshua: Tamati Rice
Marcus: John Katipa
Zhane: Stephanie Erick

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