Musical variety series with each episode focusing on the work of one composer. The series covered Gershwin, Bart, Loesser, Porter, Bacharach, Styne, and Rogers.

Music was arranged by Garth Young and performed by a thirty piece orchestra and the Ross Gindar Singers. Soloists to perform in the series were Eliza Keil, Lee Grant, Suzanne Donaldson, Marise McDonnald, Judi Beaument, Zarlene Todd, Mike Durney, Ray Columbus, Malcolm McNeil, Ray Woolf, Bobby Dawls, Alan Galbraith, Eddie McCarthy, Vaughan Laurence, Stevie Allen, and Tommy Adderly. The shows were compared by Max Cryer, Simon Bates, and Peter Harcourt who did the research.

The producer was John Barningham.


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