The lifestyle and attitudes of the '60s reflected in the popular music of the day with studio performances and stock footage.

Written by Bruce Mason
Producer - Ian Cumming

Tommy Adderley, Johnny Bond, Ella Buchanan, Steve Gilpin, Kim Hart, The Heartbreakers, Malcolm McNeill, Elaine Miscall, Craig Scott

Bouldah, Family Affair, Grace Poole, Rob Guest, Layton and Trent, Malcolm McNeill, Craig Scott, Bunny Walters, Toni Williams

Bridgette Allen, Andy Anderson, The Convairs, Max Cryer, Pil Garland, Rob Guest, Layton and Trent, Malcolm McNeill, Christine Smith

A Spoonful of Sugar (28/8/1977)
Bridgette Allen, Steve Allen, Max Cryer, Yolande Gibson, The Kini Trio, Jodi Vaughan, Toni Williams.

Black is Beautiful (4/9/1977)
Jo Michat Group, Anna Leah, Eddie Low, Malcolm McNeil, Bunny Alters, Mark Williams, Toni Williams, The Yandall Sisters

Close to Home (11/9/1977)
with The Avengers, Ray Columbus, The Convairs, Hogsnoty Rupert, Dinah Lee, Lou & Simon, Eddie Low, Larry Morris, Lew Pryme, Rochelle Vinsen

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