Welcome to the home of Mopy online.

Say it with a Speech Ballon
I started doing my own mini comics after reading one by John Weeks that ended with the words You could have made this comic.

Last Year I decided to try drawing my own comics
On this site you will find things like a cover gallery,

Mopy #5 cover
some samples of the sort of stories I do,

Say it with Flowers
as well as some stuff from other publications..

Bowie Comic
and some reviews from readers.

We couldn't think of an origianl definition of plagerism, so we just used someone elses

Feel free to have a look round.

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Her dad had the longest piece of rope in the world

Be sure to check out the comics I recommend as similar to Mopy.

I'll swap my comics for your own comics or a postcard.

biscuit factories are concidered important landmarks