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Early Interests

Sunday mornings spent going through my pile of Donald Duck comics when I was a child taught me to read and the work of Keith Giffen on Justice League International got me back into the comic reading habit. After a while I started noticing local New Zealand comics. These small, photocopied A5 things are done on a small scale but they are just as good, if not better than most of the imported stuff. I started collecting and eventually producing them myself.

Comics Career

Since retiring as the longest serving editor of the New Zealand anthology Funtime Comics Presents I went to live in the UK, spending time on his allotment growing corn and potatoes. After Ten years there I returned the New Zealand and a career in sports administration.

I edited the Small Press section of Comics Bulletin for 7 years which is archived here as Small Press Printed Matter, and contributed the occasional interview and review regarding mainstream comics.

I have written articles on New Zealand comics for Comic Edge, Comic Quarterly, Stripschrift, Comic Australia and various other magazines and web sites; as well as maintaining several fan sites. I put John Weeks' everyone can do comics philosophy to the harshest test possible in my own mini comic, Mopy

My proudest moment in comics was when I caught a fly ball in the outfield during the 1999 Small Press Expo versus Diamond Distributors softball game.

Mainstream enthusiasms

While the general misconception that comics are a genre and not a medium holds the comic form back, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy some genre comics:

Keith Giffen
From his well received work on the Legion of Super Heroes to the present day, this immensely talented writer/artist blazed a path through mainstream comics. Find out more about the man and the comics he worked on at my site.

Jonah Hex

Ah could just kick muhself fer bein' so all-fired stupid as tuh let Hex an' his pals get away from me like thet! Here ah had 'em practically right in muh browser window....


Once, he was a man, a chemist named Ted Sallis, until a top-secret experiment went awry... and he changed, The serum that was to have made him a super-soldier combined with strange forces in the shadow-haunted swamp to turn him into a shambling, mindless mockery of his former self... part man, part monster! Witness his chronicles, if you dare!

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News Bulletins

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