Highs and Lows

went for
a walk, my
friends and I, on
a summers Sunday.
Laughing so loudly that
we scared away the sheep
Ahead I spied a high green hill
"Race you" I yelled, running ahead of
them all, clambering to be first to the peak.
Turning to claim victory I discovered
my friends were hiding from me
Starting back, I searched in
a growing panic, but
could find no sign
of them. Back
At the car,

A Limerick

The Round Table really are a concern
with all of the money that they earn
they don't seem to care
don't like to share
but want to say what our children should learn.

Drawn Forth on Canvas

He did desire this the most;
To sail over unknown seas,
Sighting for the first time
God's glories hidden below horizons.
Thus he charted a course far-most from me.
Oh, not by choice, but by carelessness.
His whispers to me charted troubled waters.

What bond could my tears secure
against Possiden's strong tides?

The Original Moth

A while ago
Before you or I were born
A Butterfly
Woke late in the morning.

At the end of the day
He stayed up too late
And glimpsed
The face of the moon.

Powder did not
Cover her face,
But flowed lightly
Over calm shores

The next day the sun seemed
Too garish to bother with.
Instead he waited every night
Trying to follow her

The other butterflies frowned
At his dark Icarus trick
"She is not worth
Waiting for" they said.

He worried at
His lunacy for
She often went away,
Never answering him

Other lights
Reminded him of her
But their watts
Matched not her memory

She would always return
Just when he thought
To sleep that night
And wake in the day.

Today he still follows her.
So if he gets trapped in
Your room, flying
Round and round the bulb

Set down your book,
Flick the switch,
Then wish him luck
In search of his love.

Train Your Heart

So you stand there, waiting once more for it to arrive,
wondering if this time it will stop or not. You have
watched all the other passengers, learning how
they wait and travel but you are not quite
sure how to get one to stop. Everyone else
seems to have the knack without making
a fool of themselves, so you just
stand there, hoping you'll
catch the driver's
eye. As it gets
closer you
start to
no you
don't and
it's too late
because it just
kept on it's way
and you're left there,
feeling disappointed. You
want to throw up because you
feel like a complete and utter idiot,
you wanted to see where the rails lead
but again, you stand on the platform, alone,
wondering about waiting for the engine to make it's
next trip this way. Sometimes you lose heart, hoping
that it won't return, so you don't have to see it pass with
the passengers who somehow manage to travel this line.