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Giffen worked exclusively for DC comics from 2008 until 2018 when Image comics published the six part Auntie Agatha's Home For Wayward Rabbits. No offical statement has been made of his status with the company.

He currently has occasional work in a few DC comics:

  • Metal Men (2019-02-19) #5 Variant Cover artist
  • DC Ghosts Giant (2019) #1
    Child of the Night, an eight-page story written by Keith Giffen with art by Priscilla Petraites. A young girl on the run finds more than she bargained for when she takes cover in a house occupied by none other than Gentleman Ghost!
  • inferior_5_001.jpg - 17.4 KBInferior 5 (2019) #1..? - Co-writer, art
    Giffen describes it as Stranger Things meets Twin Peaks. It's about five kids in the '80s in a new town, who moved in after the Invasion series had taken place, and that the town has sinister things going on.
    Commencing in September 2019 from DC, its run was cut back from 12 to 6 issues around the time issue 3 hit the streets, then in late 2019 #5 and #6, which had been expected in January and February 2020, had their orders cancelled... then they finally turned up on Comixology in early 2021.
  • Legion of Superheroes Five Years Later Omnibus Vol. 1 (2020-09-20)
    The reprint that every Giffen fan has been waiting for, this collects Adventures of Superman #478, Legion of Super-Heroes #1-39, Who's Who #1-11, #13, #14, #16, Timber Wolf #1-5, and Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1-3.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes Five Years Later Omnibus Vol. 2 (2022-04-12)
    1328 pages of DC's 30th century super-team with L.E.G.I.O.N. #69-70. Legion of Super-Heroes #40-61, Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #4, Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #5, Legionnaires #1-18, Legionnaires Annual #1, , Valor #20-23, and Who's Who Update 1993 #1
  • .

Characters and comics he helped create have been or are reportedly on the verge of being adapted for the big or small screen:

  • Blue Beetle, the Jaime Reyes incarnation
    Various screen incarnations including one in Development for HBO Max Jan 06, 2020
  • Lovecraft
    Being Turned Into a Movie by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Dec 13, 2019
  • Maxwell Lord
    A main character in Wonder Woman 84 2020
  • Benjamin Stoner aka Anti-Fate?
    Keith gets a special thanks in the credits for Joker (2019), which may relate to the head doctor at Arkham Asylum in Doctor Fate (1987)
  • Lobo
    Various screen incarnations. In June 2019 a spinoff for Lobo was announced in development with Scanlan reprising his role from Krypton, but after Krypton's cancellation the idea was forgotten.
  • Rocket Raccoon
    Core member of Guardians of the Galaxy seen in various screen incarnations after the Guardians movie.
  • Justice League International
    Vaguely the basis of a Justice League of America (1997) TV pilot for a series that never got picked up. chatted to Keith in a series of interviews:

  1. An Oral History of the 1987 JUSTICE LEAGUE
  2. On Second Chances, Deadlines, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES
  3. on Grapples With JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL, Early IMAGE Work, 'Grim & Gritty' Era
  4. on Typecasting, Swiping Accusations, And What Kept Him Going In 90s
  5. On His Return To Comic Books, Blow-Ups With DC, ANNIHILATION, 52, More

GBBP 75: J.M. DeMatteis & Keith Giffen - GeekDad
J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen chatted with geekdad about Scooby Do, their longtime collaboration, how the industry has changed since the 70s, creator-owned work, and writing for different formats.

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