Mbleh #1

Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2002
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Mbleh #1 Creator(s): Bob Byrne
Publishers: Clamnut Comix (self Published)
From: Ireland
Price: 3 Euros

How freak out weird and funny do you like your comics? Do a few swear words seem fine to you? Is the occasional piece of bestiality likely to produce a rye smile? What about a few bloody death scenes involving a really sharp sword and little guy with a jet pack? Think a coffee enema is fair game for social commentary? Well, if you can cope with all of the above then your are one sick puppy who might enjoy this comics as much as I did.

Bob Bryne has an imagination the way Pamela Anderson has breasts. From short little strips to episodic serials of drugs and gore the reader will never where the stories are going to end up. The two longer stories in this issue are packed with freaky characters. There's Herby, the inquisitive little boy who lives with a cranky and twisted uncle who has a heart of gold. Herby's mom wants him back so she here pimp can sell him for body parts, and when the uncle says no all hell breaks loose with gun toting heavies sent to expedite matters. There's lots of crazy violence, shrink rays and strange alien ants.

Bob tops this off with the other long story, Adictõs in which a band of pathetic glue sniffers are sent on a lonely quest to find a robotic power suit for their deformed and rather unpleasant glue supplier. Imagine Jason and the Argonauts with the cast from your local detox unit. This is fun with a capital offence on every page.

This is very adult and very juvenile and very funny and very well drawn and very strange and very much worth while reading. But if asked in court I 'd deny ever having read it.

In a Word: Grotesque.

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