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Welcome to my frequently asked questions page. This is where I keep all the information we think you need to know about the wonderful world of Small Press comics.

Q: How do I make my own comics?

A: Check out our guide to DIY small press comics:

Q: Why on earth are Yvonne Mojica and Mat Tait in "Interviews" while Eddie Campbell and Jason Lutes in "Small Press"?

A:The question doesn't acknowledge that Eddie Campbell and Jason Lutes were in the interview section of small press. Eddie talked a lot about his small press background. Jason's interview was less small press focussed, but he does attend and his material is sold at SPX and other "small press" events. People who are "important" or "known" can be and are part of the small press scene.

We will endeavor to incorperate all the small press interviews into the main "interviews" area by including links to them in the small press news engine or vice versa. I wouldn't be happy if the remedy was just to pick the well known creators for the main area and leave all the interviews with unknown creators in a "small press = nobodies" ghetto.

Q: Why is Mainstream Company X included in this section?

A: For two possible reasons, the first being that every so often a small press creator becomes so popular that a large comic publisher decides to commission some work from them. If the work they do for the company stays true to their usual themes, techniques or tone then those who followed their earlier work would want to know about their work for company X.

The second possible reason is that perhaps a mainstream creator is so popular that they are given the chance to do as they please. If the result of this is a more personal, individual piece of work then readers of Small Press works might be interested.

Q:Why are no Vertigo titles listed in this section?

A: While Vertigo is a great, wondrous and important avenue for alternative comics, it is part of an important mainstream company and is thus so well supported and promoted that there is no need to highlight it's output in this section.

Q:What other names are used for Small Press?

A: Mini-Comics, Self-Published, Home-made.

Q:How do I get my comic reviewed here?

A:Send your comic to us. Detailed instructions here.