A knitted man thing

Lady Lindsay made a series of custom crochet Marvel creations, including Man-Thing.

Proposed Witches cover art

Man-Thing was proposed as a guest star in the Witchesminiseries that was published by Marvel Comics in 2004. That appearance never happened, but there is some artwork and information available.

The song Not Like Youby Hannah Fury makes reference to Man-Thing, in particular a story in Giant-Size Man-Thing # 4). The song was released on her 2000 album The Thing That Feels .

Check out Photon Torpedoes for a nice overview of Man-thing comics and his guest appearances.

Man-thing now has his space on Myspace. Sure to result in an interesting circle of friends...

Man-Thing Marvel stamp

Marvel Value Stamps tells us that stamp #22 was one for Man-Thing, along with some information on the artwork.

Marvel Gateway

Marvel Gateway brings together the sites for a variety of Marvel's lesser known characters.
Information a-plenty about comic monsters, including of course Man-Thing.

Liam Sharp Art

Liam Sharp has some art for sale at the Brit Comic Art Gallery, with some interesting comments from him about his work.

Stan the Man & Roy the Boy
A Conversation between Stan Lee and Roy Thomas that includes some useful information about Man-Thing.

Book of the Dead # 1 cover

The original artwork for The Book of the Dead #1was sold on e-bay in 2003.
Useful site with interesting information, such as artwork for the Man-Thing Toy, a proposed Man-Thing/Spider Man team up and an appearance of Jennifer Kale - young sorceress and friend of the Man-Thing!

Howard the Duck
Useful information page about Howard the Duck page with some good scans of Man-Thing.

McNabb Studios
Some nice artwork that might be familiar to regular visitors.

A Man-Thing a Day

A Man-Thing a Day, where Don Alejandro presents a collection of artwork re-imagining our favourite muck monster .

A slurpeee cup sutibale for a man-thing

Glass News has an article about the 7-11 slurpee cups, one of which featured Man-thing.

Mike Ploog painting

Painting by Mike Ploog of/for a cover? Owner looking for details over at

Rumble in the Swamp
You asked for it fight fans so here it is, Man-Thing and Swamp-Thing enter the ring and only one can leave.

Cockrum art

Artwork at Big Wow

Adam, Golem, Robot
An interesting discussion on the subject of the of the Creaturein Western literature and thought.


Discussion at dvdalucine that talks about a Man-Thing cartoon? Perhaps guest appearance in another Marvel animated series.

Hembeck on Man-Thing

Evan MacBride's tribute to the last Man-Thing series.

A few home made Man-Thing costumes show what is possible with a bit of imagination:

Man Thing costume Man Thing costume Man Thing costume

Serious muck head PTOR, aka Sanctum Sanctorum, has established a Man-Thing/Doctor Strange themed blog.

Check out Youtube for a cool comic/video version of the Power Records: Night of the Laughing Dead comic/record. Divided into parts one and two.

Tony Luke Poster

Man-Thing Poster for Marvel Comics, Tony Luke 1994

Comic Seek Man-Thing logo has a Man-Thing cover gallery with links to issue summaries for some series and the character profiles from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.
The home page of the definitive writer of Man-Thing. After his problems with Marvel he went on to create Sludge for Malibu. You might also want to check out the interview I did with him for, and a more recent interview by the folks at Comicmonsters.

Game Skin?

Found in the google image search. The original link doesn't work so I can't be sure, but they look like skins for a computer game engine.

Bob Hegwood's Literary Works part 2
A tribute page to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby includes a piece on Man-Thing along with some cover scans. Lots of good comic collecting information on his other pages as well.

Man-Thing and Wife in Swamp

Can't remember where I got this from.

Marvel Comic news service, worth checking now and then for upcoming appearances.


The Bayou Beast kit from Jayco toys, built by a variey of model makers