King Thanos Ride ()
king_thanos_ride_2023 Manny turns up in some concept art for the planned King Thanos ride for the Avengers Campus, so perhaps he'll be part of the attraction...

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Werewolf by Night ()
werewolf_by_night_trailer_2022_1min26sDirector: Michael Giacchino
Manny's cameo appearance in the Werewolf By Night Halloween special has been confirmed by the trailer - see 1:26s mark.

Spotted by me and Colin H. of the Facebooks

Man-Thing Director's Commentary ()

17 years after its straight-to-television release, sat down with Man-Thing helmer Brett Leonard to record a director's commentary track for the film given there wasn't one made for the movie's initial home media release.

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Avengers, the #61 ()
If the Avengers hope to survive being lost in time, they'll need the help of some of history's greatest heroes... Including Man-The-Thing.

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Damage Control #1 ()
damage control No 1 2022 Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff, Jay Fosgitt, Will Robson.
Manny hangs out in the Damage Control lobby, perhaps as a nod to Man-Thing movie script writer Hans Rodionoff who co-writes this. Damage Control is always there to clean up the mess and get things back to normal; But Damage Control is much more than just a glorified cleanup crew, and this new series will pull back the curtain and reveal the secret inner workings that were previously only available to people with Clearance Level Eight
40 Pages, 75960609838500111, $4.99

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Ghost Rider #5 ()
ghost_rider_05_2022 Benjamin Percy (w), Cory Smith (a)
DEATH RALLY! New alliances and old betrayals come into play when a mysterious invitation goes out, drawing Johnny Blaze to the world's largest biker rally, featuring a bunch of comic heroes-including Manny-who have bought a mid-life crisis motorcycle in an attempt to recapture their youth...

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Iron Cat #2 ()
iron_cat_02_2022_predator_variant Mike Mayhew (a) for variant cover
Manny ends up on the Predator's trophy wall for a vaiant cover....

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Crypt of Shadows Vol 2 #1 ()
crypt_of_shadows_01_2022 Cover by Leinil Francis Yu and Matt Milla... perhaps.
The heroes of the Marvel Universe spend most of their time in the bright sun, flying high above it all...but every once in a while, they venture into the darkness that lurks in the hidden corners of the world. There lurk the creatures, the monsters, the vampires... the ones who prey on innocence and goodness. Join us, and some of your favorite heroes, for tales of fangs, claws and silent, stalking swamp creatures to celebrate All Hallows' Eve!

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Avengers #57 ()
avengers_057_2022 Writer: Jason Aaron, Penciler: Javier Garron, Cover Artist: Javier Garron
The Avengers are lost in time, and if they're going to stop Mephisto's grand plan, they'll need help from some of history's greatest heroes, whose stories have never been told. Like the the Secret Invaders which includes War-Thing...

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Fantastic Four 43 ()
Fantastic Four 43 Writer: Dan Slott, Penciler: Andrea DI Vito
Victor Von Doom: Hero of Earth The Reckoning War contines, Victor may be the only hope, and Manny makes a cameo appearance as we learn that the Nexus of all realities in Florida is one of four nexus with Baxter Building's Richards man-made forever gate (created in this FF series), Sh'iar M'Kraan crystal (well known of Claremont's x-men) and the watchers apex (created in current FF series)

Spotted by Guillaume

Hulk: Grand Design #1 ()
Hulk: Grand Design Cameo Writer: Mike O'sullivan, Jim Rugg; Penciler: Jim Rugg; Cover Artist: Jim Rugg
Jim Rugg is unfurling the full saga of Hulk and Manny gets a one panel cameo.

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Avengers Forever #5 ()
Avengers Forever Written by Jason Aaron, Art by Jim Towe, Colors by Guru-eFx
The Man-Thing Avengers make their debut when the leader of the new Multiversal Masters of Evil AKA Doom Supreme attacks.

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Devil's Reign: Superior Four #3 ()
devils_reign_superior_four_03_2022 by Zac Thompson & Davide Tinto, cover by Ivan Shavrin
The Fantastic Four Are No More... Long Live The Superior Four! Stranded in the Multiverse, Otto Octavius turns to a potted plant Man-Thing to aid him in battle. Once that's won Octavius deposits the Manny on Earth Earth-2902 where it promptly inhabits a new Spider-Man suit and swings off to fight crime. 32 Pages, 75960620298000311, Rated T+, $3.99

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Fantastic Four 40 ()
Fantastic Four 40 Writer: Dan Slott, Penciler: Rachael Stott, Cover Artist: Carlos Pacheco
The Reckoning War! The opening shot of the Reckoning War has left the Earth in complete and utter chaos, so Manny has to make a cameo fighting as one of earth's defenders.

Spotted by Guillaume

Thor 22 ()
thor_22_2020 Writer: Donny Cates, Penciler: Nic Klein, Cover Artist: Nic Klein
God of Hammers Pt 4To stop the deadly path of the Mjolnir-wielding God of Hammers, all of the Marvel Universe, including Manny, must come together for THE FNAL BATTLE™.

Spotted by Colin Hepner


Mondo Man-Thing Pen and Ink Variant ()
mondo_soft_vinyl_Pencil and ink variant 2022/08 Design and Sculpt by James Groman. Paint by Hector Arce, Packaging by James Groman and Mike Bonanno
SDCC Exclusive release Black and white with red eyes. Another special edition of 125. $275 each and sold out quick.

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Mondo Man-Thing Psychedelic Variant ()
mondo_soft_vinyl_psychedelic_variant_2022-04 Design and Sculpt by James Groman. Paint by Hector Arce, Packaging by James Groman and Mike Bonanno
With 3 points of articulation, this 12 inch tall figure is psychedelic sight to behold. Edition of 125. Expected to Ship in August 2022 to Select Locations. $275

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Man-Thing Poster ()
Francesco Francavilla postersFrancesco Francavilla (a)
Mondo released this Manny poster, available in regular (edition of 240) and variant (Edition of 140) formats.